Suraj Singh Thakuri Biography

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Suraj Singh Thakuri Biography

One of the most versatile celebrities from Nepal, Suraj is an actor, presenter, director and a producer. Suraj came to limelight when he began to present the live interactive musical show named Call Kantipur which is broadcasted through Kantipur Television every day. People immediately fell for his style and the confidence that he exhibited while interaction with audience. Having an adventurous  spirit, he loves taking risks. Which is why he handed the show to others and ventured in more challenging field of acting and music video direction. Thakuri is passionate about sports. He follows football updates closely while he used to play cricket. Suraj Thakuri house is in Baneshwor. He was born in Kathmandu. He had never thought of being a media personality and his dream career was Army. But he was rejected twice. Once while visiting his aunt who used to work in Divyadrishti, his aunt asked him if he was interested in hosting a TV show and thus he became an anchor of the TV show. He has displayed his acting skills by doing the different roles. He did the role of druggist in Karkash while he was a cardio surgeon in Nai Nabhannu La 2. He was a Guitarist in Nai Navannu Law while in Junge, he portrayed the modern version of one of the greatest Prime Minister of Nepal, Jung Bahadur Rana.

10 things you did not know about Suraj

1.    He likes shopping in Bangkok.
2.    He visits Pokhara at least once each year.
3.    Air Crash Investigation and Banged Up Abroad are his favourite shows.
4.    Animal Planet and National Geographic are his favourite TV channels.
5.    Metallica is his all-time favourite music band while he likes rock songs.
6.    He enjoys riding Royal Enfield Classic Battle Green bike.
7.    He is very brand conscious. He believes in buying few yet quality products.
8.    Being an Army official is his dream career.
9.    He has a pug named Junior in his house.
10.  He used to play cricket at National level.


After completing his school level education from Adarsha Vidya Mandir,Lalitpur, he joined Xavier Academy science college (NEF) for higher studies. He is a Master’s Degree holder in Environmental Science.
Suraj Thakuri Married and Divorced
Suraj married Reshma Amatya. They were close friends since their childhood days. Together, they had a daughter as well. But Suraj has divorced his wife Reshma. The reason has not been disclosed yet.