Arunima Lamsal Biography

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Arunima Lamsal Biography

Arunima Lamsal Biography
Actress Arunima Lamsal is the daughter of another actress, Radha Lamsal. Radha Lamsal is a well known character actress in Nepali movies and television serials.

Arunima is married to Amit Aryal from Biratnagar. Amit works in a bank and has no relationship to the entertainment industry. Although not related to film industry, he met Arunima and had an affair before the marriage.

Arunima gave birth to a child on November 8, 2011 after a long time after her marriage (about six years after the marriage).
Arunima and her husband left their 10-month old child for a month when they left for a month-long USA visit. While in the USA Arunima couple stayed at the residence of actress Ranjana Sharma.

After almost two years of rest during her child bearing and child birth, Arunima Lamsal acted in ‘Urvashi’. The movie made under the direction of Manish Panth features Arunima in five scenes and a song. The central character, Urvashi, is played by actress Nita Dhungana.

Actress – Arunima Lamsal
Birthday – August 20 (Bhadra 4)
Height – 5′ 5″
Birth Place – Biratnager
Married to  – Amit Aryal
Children – 1 daughter
Debut movie – Yestai Rahecha Jindagi

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