Anju Panta Biography

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Anju Panta Biography

Anju Panta

Anju Panta is a Nepali ghazals and playback singer. Anju pant was born in 1977  at Tanahun, Nepal her voice popular songs of Ma Timi Bina Marihaalchhu,  Bhun bhun bolyo bhamara of Nepali Movie Saput, Dil yo mero dil in Nepali Movie Kismat, and Sustari sustari mannma for Nepali Movie Darr,  Anju pant has sung for 18 films and more than 100 Nepali melodious songs both in duets and solos. Her ghazal Na birse timilai na paye timilai  is considered one of the best song of her career.

Anju Panta got married in 2002 with  Manoj Raj Siwakoti. He  is also very popular modern and classical singer of Nepal. They have a daughter too. Currently they are separated. After divorce Anju Panta has changed her religion from Hindu to Christian.

She was widely criticized on Nepali media after the news published on online newspapers saying that she refused to sing a festival greeting song because there was mention of Hindu deities in the lyrics. Later she refused the allegation saying she did that because she was sick. She has recently converted to Christian from Hindu.

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