Keki Adhikari Biography

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Keki Adhikari Biography

Keiki Adhikari Biography
Keki Adhikari. Keki Adhikari is a Nepalese actress and a professional model. She has appeared in numerous music videos, television commercials, print ads and more than a dozen of Nepali movies.She started off her career featuring in several music videos before making it into the silver screen.
Keki Adhikari- one of the busiest contemporary Nepali actresses was born in 17th December 1989 to parents Badri Adhikari and Laxmi Adhikari in Jorpati. She was motivated to join the world of glamour by her father Badri Adhikari who is the producer of movie- Jyan Hajir Chha. Currently 26 years old, she is on the path to stardom. A versatile actress, Keki has a pleasant experience of acting in theater in historical play Charumati which was written by a well-known Nepali culture expert Satya Mohan Joshi.
After completing school level education from Bal Srijanalaya School in Kathmandu, Keki joined Whitehouse College for higher studies. She graduated from Prime College with a degree in Bachelor in Information Management and went on to join Masters in Business Administration from Presidential College.


As a participant of Ghintang, a dance competition from NTV2, Keki Adhikari was able to grab attention of the co-producer of the show and a movie director Prasanna Poudel which paved path for her for better exposure. She began modelling in music video from Mingma Sherpa’s Kasari and continued to be seen in hit music videos like Banma Fulyo by Anju Panta and Kya Dammi Bho by Shiva Pariyar. After success in videos, she decided it was time to venture into cinema industry. She debuted in Kollywood from Prasanna Poudel directed movie Swor alongside Raj Ballav Koirala and other famed celebrities and soon rose to fame.


She has great passion for reading books while she also loves listening music. She is the active user of social media sites like Twitter and Facebook and she loves watching tv shows in her leisure time. Keki Adhikari and Priyanka Karki has remained Best Friend since many years. They enjoy each other’s company and share inside jokes which they can only understand. Both of them respect their friendship a lot and their respect for each other can be felt in the birthday message that they send to each other. She aspires to reach the stardom of Rekha Thapa someday.
She was awarded ‘Best actress’ for her performance on movie ‘Biteka Pal’ in 7th NEFTA awards. She was also honored with 1st CG Kamana Award and D Cine Award (2014).

Relationship Status
Keki Adhikari is single and is not dating with any boyfriends. She is just too focused in her career now. In an interview, Keki has said that she has no plan of getting married anytime soon although she made it clear that marriage does not mean the end of all and it is just a thing that comes by.
Keki had to go through a difficult phase when Civil Bank published a 35-days notice in local newspaper asking her parents to clear the dues or be prepared for necessary legal action like auctioning of house. Her father was running a school on loss and so he could not clear the dues.